Yet Again, Timeshare Contract Owners Are Scammed

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Yet Again, Timeshare Contract Owners Are Scammed.

Timeshare contracts initially seem like a dream but, time and time again, they are proving to be people’s worst nightmares instead. For a fraction of the overall price could give you proportionate ownership on a timeshare property, which would entitle you to access of a holiday home without the annual maintenance costs. If only they were this simple. Unfortunately, and in reality, misleading trading practices and telephone fraudsters are making timeshare contracts vulnerable to fraudulent activity. 

We have spoken recently about the O’Reilly case which is in regards to a father and step-daughter who were ordered to pay back £424,560 for their participation within a scamming timeshare company. This success saw confiscation orders that were given to Dominic O’Reilly and Stephanie O’Reilly at the Birmingham Crown Count in February this year for their actions when running the Eze Europe Ltd business, among other associated organisations. 

By March, Dominic O’Reilly was prosecuted to imprisonment for 28 months, and his step-daughter was also given an 18-month sentence after a Trading Standards Investigation. This investigation found evidence that they had cheated timeshare owners into parting with a combined total of £1.1 million by manipulating these elderly victims.

However, since their arrest, further people are coming forward with their own experiences in regards to the Eze Group; demanding their payments as a result of the O’Reilly case. Read on to find out more about this scamming timeshare company and the methods that they have used to disguise and confuse their next victims. Yet again, timeshare contract owners are scammed and this is how:

Another timeshare owner has spoken out.

To begin with, the timeshare contract owners that are being scammed again revealed that they used to belong to the Eze Group timeshare scheme before the O’Reilly case and sentencing, and have been contacted by a company and a Spanish barrister since. Their reason for contacting former timeshare owners was to inform them that the Spanish courts have seized the £1.1 million that Dominic and Stephenie have scammed out of victims, and to assure them that they were in the process of repaying this to members. 

But, there was a catch. O1C Legal and the barrister from Platinum Legal reported that Eze had failed to collect annual fees, causing its auditors to collect these fees through UK debt collectors. O1C and Platinum Legal then began to say that they were able to cancel this liability if they were to pay a further £2,999. Pay this fee, and owners could register a claim on their previous losses.

Even though Dominic and Stephenie O’Reilly were sentenced, their timeshare fraud victims are yet again being targeted. OC1 which is also referred to as Our One Club, was found to be a registered company in Malaga, even though they are using a business address registered in Truro, Cornwall. On top of this, they claim “over 30 years of experience,” despite only being recorded since February 2020. 

Which begs the question, how legitimate are they? Can victims claim a share of the £1.1 million with a one-off payment of £2,999? This already raises red flags. 

Victims of a similar timeshare scam case that was in spite of ‘Club Class’ have also been contacted by this dubious O1C Legal who are making the same demands. However, a quick internet search of this fishy company brings up a companies website that showcases their business as a membership organisation; offering discounts and attractions, including shopping vouchers, half-price holidays and more. They even promote high investment schemes in foreign exchange! 

Another issue with O1C is that the company has not been authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority which means an investor is exempt from their compensation schemes. In short, O1C’s programmes are very much illegal.

How we can help you

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