What You Need to Know About Timeshare Claims

When a person feels like they have been mis-sold a timeshare contract, then they can try to claim against the company. There has been an increasing number of successful cases, prompting more people to have a claim of their own. But, there are particular criteria that your case must meet to have a chance at beating your timeshare company.

Recent cases in the Spanish Supreme court have set a precedent that future cases will be treated according to, making it easier for people with a claim to come forward and seek the freedom and compensation they deserve. Anyone who thinks they might have a case against their timeshare company should reach out to us at Athena Law and let us assess your claim. If we believe that you have a good chance against your timeshare company, we may offer you a no-win-no-fee representation.

Read on to learn more about timeshare claims, all the things you need to know before putting a case against a timeshare company and how Athena Law can support you.

Timeshare Perpetuity Contracts

We have written about perpetuity contracts before as often people signing a timeshare agreement might not be aware if it’s in perpetuity. This means that the contract term exceeds fifty years, which is the maximum legal limit. It can often also mean that timeshare companies can try and claim money to pay for fees after the contract holder’s death from a beneficiary or through assets.

If your contract has no specific end date or it exceeds fifty years from the date you signed it, then you have an apparent reason for compensation. However, things get more complicated when the contract doesn’t exceed fifty years but will exceed the contract holder’s lifetime. The responsibility for the fees can fall on children once the timeshare owner passes. 

Even as the timeshare owner ages and can no longer work or go on their holiday, they are paying fees they may no longer be able to afford. If you are facing a claim like this, then contact us today so we can talk more in length about your specific case.

Timeshare Floating Weeks

Many floating week timeshare contracts are being deemed illegal as timeshare holders find it hard to book a holiday at their timeshare. Floating week contracts give the timeshare holder a range of weeks to choose from each year, requiring them to log online and book the week they want. However, it has been revealed across many companies that high-demand weeks, such as the peak of summer are often reserved for staff. Some companies even reserve the weeks for non-timeshare owners as they can rely on a timeshare owner’s money no matter what week they end up with, whereas outside holidayers are extra revenue.

This results in a messy and unpredictable holiday for many owners who aren’t able to secure the weeks they want and can leave many owners without a holiday at all. This has put this type of contract under the spotlight recently, with many floating week contract holders claiming against their timeshare company.

Timeshare Points

If you have a timeshare points contract, you may have a claim. These types of arrangements are often sold sneakily as ‘exclusive membership clubs’ with the word ‘timeshare’ strangely absent. But don’t be fooled, they are timeshares. Locations are usually managed by timeshare trusts that demand a massive upfront fee with mandatory fees annually. This money is then converted into points on your account that you use to ‘buy’ specific holiday accommodation with.

Similar to floating weeks, you are fighting other owners for specific weeks, meaning you could end up with less desirable weeks or no holiday at all. Many people have claimed against a points-based contract due to unfairness.

Mis-selling of Timeshare Contracts

You need to think carefully and consider if you have been mis-sold your timeshare. Think back to the sales pitch or presentation you sat in and what you were promised. Also have a good, long look through your contract. A mis-sold contract often encompasses sales practices where specific details about your contract have been hidden or where the timeshare was misrepresented to you. If you can prove this through evidence like photos and passages from the contract, then you could have your contract nullified and receive compensation.

A further way you could have been mis-sold a contract is by not being offered a cooling-off period. This gives you time after you have signed the agreement to go back on your decision. It’s like returning a top after you bought it and decided you no longer want it. You are legally allowed a minimum of 14 days to think over your decision, and you can pull out of the contract during this time and have any money you may have paid initially returned.

Seek Help From a Specialist Timeshare Solicitor

You should never make a timeshare compensation claim alone. Working with Athena Law can help boost your chances of being successful in your claim as we have worked with hundreds of people in the same position as you. It’s essential you contact us first with your concerns before trying to walk away and stop paying the fees. Even if you believe the contract you signed is unlawful, you can face more charges by stopping your payments. Speak to us first before making any hasty decisions.

We can review your case and assess your chances of success. If we think you have a particularly strong claim against the timeshare company, we will represent you on a no-win-no-fee basis. We know where to look in a contract and their deeply-hidden clauses to find underhand or unlawful terms and claims.

Trying to find the time to pursue a case on your own can be hard. Timeshare cases take a lot of time and attention and are a complicated process. A considerable amount of work goes into your case on our side, and we want to take this stress away from you. We take our time to assess everything with a careful eye and make sure we aren’t rushing any part of the process to ensure you have the best chance with your claim.

Check out our website now if you think you have been mis-sold a timeshare or have an unlawful contract. We want to help the vulnerable who have been targeted and lied to. If you believe this could be you, then we are here to help and support you in every way possible so that you can exit your unwanted contract.