Timeshare recovery fraud is on the rise

Timeshare recovery fraud is a growing problem and trend that almost always ends badly for the perpetrator of the crime. These scams may seem legitimate on the surface – perhaps they’ve appeared on radio or social media promoting their business – but, in reality, they are really lying. Adverts can very easily be paid for, and an online presence created from absolutely nothing. However, if they know what they are doing, they can fool you into thinking they are there to help.

These criminals will already know that you’ve been defrauded by a timeshare company before, leaving you stuck with a timeshare that’s hard to shift. But how is this possible in the first place? How do they already know that you’ve been defrauded before? Is it a stroke of luck on your end? Or is it actually a con in disguise? In pretty much most cases, this is always the latter, so you should be wary of all the tactics used by these criminals so it doesn’t ever happen again.

Carefully Crafted & Constructed

Have you ever thought that the company you bought the timeshare off and the company who is contacting you about timeshare recovery are one and the same? In lots of cases, this is what actually happens. It’s an entire scam concocted to dupe you of all your hard earned cash.

When their initial company ceases to trade, you’ll be left distraught and unable to do anything. During this time, you’ll simply want to get rid of the timeshare, so when a timeshare recovery company just so happens to contact you about the situation, you’ll be more likely to trust them.

They’ll know details of the case which you haven’t actually told them about and present you with a perfect solution that you can’t turn down. It should be apparent from the outset, but it’s not often picked up by victims. Your only wish is to get rid of the timeshare.

Types Of Timeshare Fraud You Need To Know

There are a number of different ways that you can be exploited with your timeshare:

  • Timeshare Resales
  • Timeshare Exit & Compensation Fraud
  • Recovery Fraud
  • Bogus or Cloned Law Firms
  • Bogus Leisure Credits
  • Bogus Timeshare Holiday Bonuses and Upgrades

Timeshare Resales are where fraudsters pretend to be a company that claims to have a buyer ready to buy the timeshare. They’ll ask for payment upfront, but the buyer doesn’t actually exist.

Timeshare Exit & Compensation Fraud is where you’re approached by a business that’s offering a service where you can relinquish or exit your timeshare contract. However, this is all fake.

Recovery Fraud is where you receive an email or cold call from a company claiming to know you’ve been a prior victim of fraud. They’ll offer help, but won’t provide it, and then disappear.

Bogus or Cloned Law Firms involve fraudsters who disguise themselves as reputable firms that offer timeshare services. By cloning overseas firms, due diligence is made harder on your part.

Bogus Leisure Credits involve fraudsters who approach victims offering fake points, credits or vouchers which they say can be exchanged in return for holidays at a variety of destinations.

Bogus Timeshare Holiday Bonuses and Upgrades involve fraudsters who contact you claiming to be a legitimate timeshare company. But, in reality, they’re actually looking to defraud you.

What To Do In The Event Of Timeshare Recovery Fraud

The best thing to do in your situation is to get in touch with a professional legal team in order to re-recover the funds which were stolen. Timeshare recovery fraud is a problem that many legal teams deal with on a regular basis, so they will be experienced enough in order to help you out. It’s difficult trying to navigate the laws in typical timeshare areas such as Tenerife or Marbella by yourself. That’s why Athena Law is here as we can help.

How Athena Law Can Help You Battle Timeshare Recovery Fraud

At Athena Law, our qualified solicitors are able to use their expertise in order to help you claim back what is rightfully yours, ensuring you are fully satisfied. Timeshare recovery fraud is an issue which we have to deal with more times than you may possibly think, so we’re experienced.

Mr. Stephen Boyd has been a solicitor for over 20 years and has cemented his reputation as one of the leading solicitors in this field over the last decade, ably supported by his incredible team. Contact us for an independent review and allow us to pursue your claim in a legal manner.

If you get in touch with us today, we can offer you a free, no-obligation chat so you can get to know us more. This will give us a chance to discuss your case and help us advise you on what to do next. Get in touch today.

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