Timeshare Exit Scammer – How to Spot Them

There are many reasons why someone might want to exit their timeshare; no longer being able to keep up with the fees, not liking the location, or feeling like they’ve been mis-sold a product. So, when we have maintenance fees up to our ears, we are looking in all directions for a way out. Then, out of nowhere comes a call from a saint saying they have a buyer for your timeshare and are willing to help you exit the contract. You agree, send them the money they need and wait to be free of the timeshare. But, this is where many of us make mistakes and lose out on thousands of pounds. These companies who call us offering us help, are often timeshare exit scam schemes and all they care about is making money.

So, how can we find a company who is willing to help us without taking all our money? Read on to learn how you can avoid timeshare exit scams companies by learning to recognise their tactics. Once you’ve weeded out the bad businesses, you can start looking for a credible company.

Timeshare Cold Calling

Cold calling is a common tactic of many scam companies, in almost every industry. It is when companies call you trying to sell you a product or service over the phone. Often you haven’t given these companies your number and have no idea who they are. These businesses get ahold of your number and thousands of others and go through a list calling one number after another until they trick a victim. 

You need to remember when you answer the phone to one of these people, that they often don’t know your circumstances and are taking a chance that you are vulnerable to their lies. Credible and legitimate companies won’t use cold calling to reach you so most companies trying to contact you like this will be scam schemes.

Aggressive Behaviour

This comes with cold calling, as often when you try to say no to a cold caller, they will turn to aggressive behaviour and tactics. They want to trick you into giving them money, so when you try to get them off the phone, they will do anything to keep you on. They may tell you lies about fees and costs that will go up and bankrupt you, or generally be aggressive over the phone to intimate you. By intimidating you, they aim to scare you into giving up your money for their services, which they never intend to carry out. Don’t let their threats and lies scare you, and remember that honest companies want to work with you for your benefit, helping you be free of your timeshare.

Upfront Fees

The last scam tactic we will look at is one of the most dangerous as it can leave you without thousands of pounds. Scam timeshare exit companies will often ask for an upfront fee to cover the costs of selling your timeshare to a new owner or helping you exit the contract. Those who ask for fees without first assessing your circumstances will use lies and manipulations to try and make you sacrifice as much money as possible. You send them the first amount of money, then days or weeks later they come back asking for more to help facilitate the sale of the timeshare. 

Credible business like Athena Law will work on each case separately to determine your circumstances. If you are trapped into a timeshare contract you can no longer afford or want to exit, we offer a fixed fee service to go over the details of your case. If we feel like you have substantial grounds to pursue a claim for compensation in the UK, we can be willing to represent you on a ‘no win no fee’ basis. Rather than trying to scam you out of your money, no questions asked, we try and determine where you are at in terms of trying to exit your timeshare contract.

Check out our website today to learn more about Athena Law and how we can help you exit your unwanted timeshare contract. We are a credible and legitimate company who want to help you be stress-free and in a better financial place.