Probate and The Administration of Estates

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Advice and assistance following Bereavement

At Athena Law we specialise in dealing with all legal matters relating to bereavement. The death of a partner or close family member is one of the most difficult times in anyone’s life.

In addition to the grief and anxiety comes a burden of administrative and legal requirements when you may be least able to manage it.

These may include: dealing with the Will sorting out personal effects, the sale of property or other assets, dealing with funeral arrangements, administering the estate and managing inheritance tax issues.

We have many years of experience dealing with all aspects of the administration of the estates of deceased persons in a timely and sensitive manner.

We can provide immediate help, guidance and support throughout this difficult time and can help to make the process less stressful.

We can remove some of the burdens from you and handle the whole legal process on your behalf.

We can advise on the terms of the Will, or if the deceased did not make a will, on how the estate of the deceased passes to the next of kin according to the law. This initial advice will be from Raymond Green LLM, an experienced qualified solicitor and will be free of charge and with no obligation.  At this first meeting or discussion, the whole process of winding up and distributing the Estate will be explained in straightforward terms, and a clear indication of costs will be given, should you wish us to continue to assist in the administration of the Estate.

If you do instruct us, all the legal work will be supervised by an experienced qualified solicitor throughout, who will carefully guide you through the whole process

Steps to take following a bereavement

  1. Did the deceased make a Will?  Look at the Will as soon as possible for any funeral instructions, before making the funeral arrangements
  1. If there is a Will – who are the appointed Executors of the estate?  If there is no next of kin, they may be the people who organise the funeral and register the death
  1. Register the death – you will need to make an appointment with the Registrar in the town in which the death occurred – which is usually the place where the deceased lived.

You will need to know:

  •   Date and place of birth
  •   Occupation of the deceased
  •   Marital Status and maiden name if applicable
  1. Consider instructing a solicitor to administer the estate and obtain the Grant of Representation – which is a Grant of Probate if there is a Will or Grant of Letters of Administration if there isn’t a Will.  We would need details of the assets in the estate and a copy of the death certificate in order to commence the administration of the estate.

Our specialist Probate Department will be able to advise on what steps need to be taken, prepare the application for relevant Grant of Representation, calculate any inheritance tax payable and arrange for payment of same. Our help and assistance will ensure that the deceased’s estate is efficiently administered and dealt with according to the deceased’s wishes in the Will or in accordance with the Intestacy Rules if the deceased died without making a Will.  We can assist with tax planning options, finalising income tax returns and settlement of outstanding bills from the estate, and the necessary sale of any property, or shares.

When all the assets have been collected, we can assist with the preparation of an account to show all the beneficiaries how their entitlement has been calculated and distribute the estate on behalf of the executors or administrators.

Where a Will has created a trust, or where trust was created during a lifetime and continues after death, we can help with the administration of the Trust.

Please contact Raymond Green, Solicitor, for a no-obligation discussion, who will give free initial advice and an indication of fees.  Full details of our fee structure can be found by clicking the FEES link.

Fee Earner Qualification and Experience

If you choose to instruct Athena Law, the solicitor dealing with your matter will be Raymond Green LLM who has over 30 years experience in dealing with all aspects of Probate and the Administration of  Estates. Raymond is assisted by Trainee Solicitor Natalie Jones LLB and Joanne Hunter.

All fees will be discussed at the outset.

Please contact Raymond Green for a free no obligation discussion.

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