Perpetuity Timeshare Contract Owners Are Scammed Once Again

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Table of Contents

What are timeshare maintenance fees?

It’s one thing to be embedded into a timeshare contract of perpetual liability that essentially has no end-date, and which charges you a yearly sum to hold onto a ‘luxury’ condo or apartment in which you have no interest in staying in again, but it’s another to be charged annual maintenance fees for said condo which are more than likely to increase in future.

Maintenance fees, also known as management fees, are the yearly excess bill that perpetuity timeshare contract owners have to pay to cover any costs in relation to the apartment/condo/villa that they pay for. These costs could be anything from running of the resort, upkeep, management and any refurbishments or improvements that they make to the facilities. These fees are then taken by the timeshare company or said resort on a yearly basis, but even though this should mean that the timeshare that a person is paying for is kept looking lovely, this is not always the case.

More times than not, timeshare’s are not looked after, and the owner, whether they choose to visit the place or not out of it becoming unappealing, have to continue paying these fees in which they cannot find an out of. Continue reading this blog for an example of how one couple were misled into thinking they could find an exit from their timeshare so that if you too are caught in the same type of situation, you know what to do.

Further Scamming on Perpetuity Timeshare Contracts

Two perpetuity timeshare contract owners named Julie Wills and Paul Hodgson are just two of 600,000 people in the UK who have been entrapped in a timeshare contract, perpetual or not. With their 2,000 maintenance-fee holiday ownership with US operator, Bluegreen Vacations it was becoming a significant burden on the couple’s livelihood. 

With this in mind, their first thought when cold caller CA and M International got into contact with them offering them an exit from their timeshare contract with an excess fee of £7,055, they jumped at the chance. With the organisation’s promise of relinquishing them from their contract by the end of March 2019, while the compensation claim that they were also offered against Bluegreen would take longer as a mass claim, both Julie and Paul haven’t seen a penny, and are still stuck with this costly timeshare obligation.

CA and M gave an address based in Fuengirola, even though their website states that the company is based in the United Arab Emirates; a warning sign that should be carefully considered when scammers are of concern. Their contract stated that they would pay for the couple’s legal costs for any action against the timeshare company, and any subsequent management fee demands – giving Julie and Paul that reassurance and clarification that’s enough to persuade someone of such desperation.

What Should You Do If Such Scamming Companies Approach You?

If you have been approached by a company who has promised you in a similar nature, ensuring that you do the correct research into that company is vital. If you feel that you are unequipped to find out more, a timeshare lawyer is your best bet at finding out the truth on that business, as well as relieving you from your timeshare, too.

Although there may be a select few companies out there who have the expertise of relieving timeshare owners of their unlawful bond, these said companies are more often than not scammers, like CA and M International, that know what to say to somebody in such a vulnerable state. 

Are you liable to perpetuity timeshare contract scams? By hiring a timeshare lawyer such as ourselves, we have the resources, expertise and experience in handling such cases. With our knowledge, we are able to find perpetuity clauses and mistakes in timeshare agreements which allow us to relinquish our clients without the need to go to court. If you are in need of advice on a company that has approached you or you’d like to find out more on our services in regards to timeshare ownership, contact us today on +44 161 839 8847 or through our website.


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