O1C Legal: Are Ex-Timeshare Owners Being Scammed Further?

Ex-Time Share Owner Debt Collection 

Following up from last year’s Eze Group Ltd’s timeshare scandal where directors Dominic O’Reilly and his step-daughter Stephanie O’Reilly were both prosecuted for unrightfully scamming or undergoing misleading trading practices in Leisure Credits, we have a new fish in town who have inaccurately promised cancellation to their ex-timeshare owners.

Last year, it came to the attention of The Trading Standards that Eze Group were falsely enforcing customers who were of a vulnerable state into Eze’s Lifestyle Concierge Packages that had a whopping excess of £422,000 and a strict no-cancellation policy. Now, one of the ex-members of this scheme has come forward with doubts upon third party companies named O1C Legal, A.K.A. Our One Club and Platinum Legal that are both making false accusations that they can free this member of debt collectors who are being said to make rounds on all ex-members who owe annual fees to Eze still. The question is, are ex-timeshare owners being scammed further?

Now, this same member has been informed that Eze has been seized of €1.3 billion by the Spanish courts for their unlawful misconduct which will then be repaid to their ex-timeshare owners, but as they were unable to collect all the maintenance fees for several years, Eze’s auditors are now using debt collectors to claim these payments. But of course, O1C and Platinum have both reassured this member that they can cancel this liability for her at the price of £2,999, and so now she is uncertain as to whether they are speaking the truth or not.

O1C which is also known as Our One Club has been using a Cornwall address, even though their business is registered in Malaga, Spain and has given not just this one member, but several members the same hopes of getting a cut of that £1 million for just under £3K, even though their only backbone to stand on is that they are pursuing claims against Eze Group, which doesn’t sound hopeful for ex-members. 

It has also been said that other victims of another timeshare scammer named Club Class have been contacted by O1C too with the same allegations in that they will receive a large sum once they pay to relieve themselves from debt collections. Well, it all seems a bit too fishy when O1C have also been caught out on a membership organisation that they manage which gives members discounts to many shops and apps; the list of services that it provides includes a startling investment scheme that deals in foreign exchange. 

This investment scheme has even warned members that they should only invest money that they can afford to lose, in £1,250 instalments for that matter. Once invested this big sum, it is added together to £1 million and members ‘may’ receive four per cent interest per month. However, after digging into O1C, it has been found that they aren’t even authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and do not have access to The Financial Ombudsman Service or UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme; making the entire investment scheme illegal. 

Are You An Ex-Timeshare Owner Being Scammed Further?

From this, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that these ex Eze Group scam members, as well as other timeshare owners who have been involved in related liabilities, should be very vigilant when being pursued by such third-party companies who claim they can ‘help’. We hear about businesses promising timeshare owners the world when wanting to exit their timeshare, and now there are scammers on the horizon who are conjuring up such debt issues which may or may not be accurate.

If you have been approached by such claims by a company that hasn’t had such regulations put in place, it is worth contacting professional bodies who can determine whether or not if the business is legitimate and not another scam. Being in a timeshare, perpetuity or not, is usually the consequence of being bullied or convinced by a holiday representative company that has tricked you into thinking that ownership of a chalet or condo is a good idea, and now years later, you are still stuck in the same contract paying bill after bill for fees.

Like these smart, but false businesses, you will then find that third party companies find out about your situation, and promise you that they can help; and usually, this is not the case. Here at Athena Law, we deal with timeshare contracts, as well as anything else relating to them. If you are an ex-timeshare owner who is being scammed further and you require some expert advice on whether or not you should trust a company, get in touch with us today on +44 161 839 8847 or through our website, and we will be more than happy to assist you in finding out the truth.