Exiting Your Timeshare During the Coronavirus

With the current Coronavirus outbreak, also known as Covid-19, we have to be more vigilant on travelling than ever before. Airlines are disputing refunds to those whose travel plans are still within their guidelines, and members of the public are weighing up their options when it comes to booking further holidays for 2020.

Some airlines have offered to re-route passengers free of charge if they have connecting flights in areas that have seen coronavirus outbreaks. Others are offering refunds if your final destination is China, Hong Kong, or Macao. With this in mind, travellers have had to try and cancel or reschedule their accommodation, as well as plead with their employment in regards to holidays.

But, the question is, what happens for those who are stuck in a timeshare contract during this Coronavirus Pandemic? If they cannot access their apartment or condo, for instance, will they get compensation, especially as they will continue to pay for maintenance costs etc.? 

And more importantly, for those who are in an unwanted timeshare contract, should they be even more willing to find an exit of their financial burden? Continue reading this blog for our expertise in exiting your timeshare during the outbreak of the Coronavirus Disease, and hopefully, we can deliver you with a solution that relieves you of further unwanted stress during such an uncertain time.

Exiting Your Timeshare During Covid-19

With the latest Coronavirus news announcing that the UK is now on lockdown, and so leaving the house needs to be extremely limited, it’s apparent that travel has come to a halt too. We must address those who are continuously paying for their holiday ownership, even during a time that their place is not accessible or that they cannot afford to pay out for its maintenance and upkeep. 

The Coronavirus Crisis will not pause these dubious timeshare companies, that is a fact. Because of this, owners will be struggling even more so at a very financially unstable time, especially if they have a business or are out of work due to the lockdown. So, it’s time that we act before the debt becomes unbearable; after all, the Coronavirus uncertainty may not be resolved as soon as we thought.

If you’re embedded into a timeshare contract, perpetual or not, and you are looking to exit it, this is the perfect opportunity. Holidays are being cancelled, airlines are refusing to depart their planes and travel insurers are hitting the roof with their payouts. As you can no longer visit your owned holiday property and can no longer afford to pay out for such a costly outgoing, now is the time to fight your case.

If you didn’t already know, perpetual timeshare contracts are unlimited; they have no end date. Therefore, they’re probably the worst type of timeshare to own, especially as not only is one big lump sum being paid out to own the property, but the ongoing and rising annual maintenance fees on top can seriously put a strain on the owner’s financial security.

What isn’t spoken about is the fact that these and any other type of timeshare can be inherited. If perpetual, and the owner deceases, the next of kin will then be the newfound owner. Not only is this an unexpected hardship, but if for instance they’re a young adult, who’s responsible for a family during such a crisis, they may not be able to cope with this added payout.

How Can We Help?

As a specialised timeshare law firm, we can assist you in the termination of your timeshare contract. Here at Athena Law, we have the skills and expertise to relinquish our clients from their unwanted timeshares. We do this by establishing clauses and mistakes that are found in your contract that are unable to be seen by the naked eye. And in most cases, we do this while avoiding attending court too.

We understand that this country is in a time of need. So, we will continue to work towards finding solutions to our outstanding endeavours, and any timeshare cases that arise, whether that’s due to inheriting after a coronavirus victim or through the likelihood of being scammed at a desperate time for even the unlawful businesses.

Please contact us today on 0161 839 8847 or visit our website if you require our assistance with exiting your timeshare during the Coronavirus Outbreak. In the meantime, please continue adhering to the precautions set in place that are there to protect our communities. We must all do our part during this uncertain time, even if that is just for the less fortunate or for those working hard in the NHS. Take care of yourself and others.