Couple Loses £7,000 to Scam Timeshare Company

Timeshare exit scams are ripe in an industry where timeshare owners are looking left, right and centre for a way to get out of their contracts. With increasing fees and stress, people want rid of their agreements, and scam companies are taking advantage of this. Often not bothered by the hefty fees these scam companies ask for upfront, they pay them and then never see the company again, or get led in circles for months or years.

Timeshare owners Julie Willis and Paul Hodgson faced a similar fate after falling for a scam company who promised to get them out of their contract. Read on to learn more about how they were scammed and how you can avoid a similar fate for yourself.

The Timeshare

Timeshare owners Willis and Hodgson were spending £2,000 a year on ever-rising maintenance fees for their points-based US timeshare with Bluegreen Vacations. They felt trapped and wanted a way out so they would be free of these increasing fees.

Willis claimed that “Bluegreen has always told us that the contract is for life. So when we thought we were being given an opportunity to get out, we decided to take it.” They realised they made a mistake signing a life-time contract for a timeshare as the fees increased year after year and it was becoming too expensive to pay for.

The Timeshare Exit Scam

The ‘way out’ for Willis and Hodgson came as a cold call from a company called CA and M International. Faced with rising fees and stress, they decided to work with the company after they promised to “get us out of our contract and get compensation because there had been a ruling in the European court about how timeshare sales were conducted.” Everything seemed legit to Willis and Hodgson as the call was even followed by a meeting with a rep in a hotel near their home last November. After this meeting, the couple paid £7,055 to have this company free them of their timeshare.

CA and M International told the couple that they would be out of their contract by the end of March, while the claim for compensation would take longer as it would be a mass claim for multiple people. The contract they signed with the company stated that CA and M International would be responsible for legal costs in any action against the timeshare company and any more management fee demands. However, the couple received no compensation and were still tied to their timeshare and the costly fees.

CA and M International would not comment on Willis and Hodgson’s case, even after the couple came forward with their story. Maria Pacheco, not conformed to be a representative for the company, stated, “I am not at liberty to pass any information on to you as you are not out client.” They would not reveal where their company was based (it was said to be based in both Spain and the Arab Emirates), the timeshare ruling they talked to their clients about or who runs and owns the company. Whether Willis and Hodgson see anything come from their £7,055 is very unlikely, and they shared their story in hopes to protect others from this company.

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