Commercial Litigation

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Commercial Litigation Solicitors

Commercial Law can sometimes be referred to as trade law and can often be treated as a branch of civil law.

What commercial law basically means is the body of law that connects the conduct, rights and relations of either individual persons or businesses, in accordance with merchandising, commerce, sales and trade activities. 

If you need help with commercial law, it will often (but not exclusive to) relate to accident insurance, bills of exchange, business negotiations with traders, shipping and merchant problems, contracts and partnerships. If this applies to your concern or problem, Athena Law can guide you through any questions that you may have and provide you with the best advice for your company and situation.

We understand that dealing with second and third parties is never easy when you are running your own business.

We understand that dealing with second and third parties is never easy when you are running your own business, as everybody has their own responsibilities and varying priorities. However, with this in mind it can still be incredibly challenging when things don’t go as expected and people do not see eye to eye. At Athena Law, we can tell you exactly where you stand legally and show you what can be done to mend these problems, no matter how delicate they may be. 

At Athena Law we support clients of all sizes, from entrepreneurs and startups to established private companies, SMEs, management teams, professional partnerships, debt providers and equity investors, we pride ourselves on a commercial approach that meets our clients’ unique business objectives. We do not discriminate against professional, length of time in business or financially struggling companies. Athena Law are happy to help any business in need, with bespoke solutions to fit your budget and circumstances. 

Disputes are difficult for any business. Realising that litigation is often an unavoidable necessity however, we ensure that where conflict does arise, it is handled with the minimum disruption possible. We will do everything within our power to support your business and help you to continue trading and grow your success, despite whatever challenging obstacle that you are facing. What’s more, with an eye on your bottom line, when you appoint Athena Law, we adopt a commercially sensitive approach to any such litigation, ensuring your interests are robustly protected, without the worry of excessive costs. Advising business clients from small traders to large multinationals. At Athena Law, your budget and personal situation is always taken strongly into account, meaning we will help you no matter what your financial situation may be. 

It may feel that your company is out of your hands and that you are losing grip. It is completely normal to feel this way and more common than you may think. Sometimes, your solution will be a quick-fix that you didn’t realise, or sometimes it may take a while to repair damage and positively move forward. Either way, Athena Law can assist with any size of problem that you may be facing. You are not alone with Athena Law

With a focus on costs, efficiency and clarity, we make the legal process as stress-free as possible, freeing you to get on with what you do best – running your business. Think of Athena Law as part of your team. We want you to succeed and thrive, because as our clients you are our number one priority. 

We can help your business with:

  •  Mediation and dispute resolution
  •  Debt recovery
  • Contract disputes
  • Landlord and tenant disputes
  • Builder and trade disputes
  • Property claims (including bringing and defending  dilapidation claims and covenant & boundary disputes
  • Service charge recovery for managing agents and freehold owners
  • Professional negligence claims against solicitors and surveyors
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Insolvency/corporate recovery
  • Timeshare disputes

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