Commercial Property

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With the property market offering businesses a range of challenges and opportunities, at Athena Law we provide expert legal advice to help protect your interests in this often complicated area of law.

Perhaps you have acquired some land and are unsure of the legal way to approach the situation; or maybe you are dealing with a commercial lease and want to know the right way to go about it, Athena Law can assist in any area of commercial property law.

It’s crucial that you have professional advice when it comes to handling commercial property, as there are many complex elements involved that if aren’t handled with complete surety can cause complications. If you have already tried to deal with these complications alone, don’t panic. At Athena Law we can work with you to listen to your personal situation and provide the best legal advice possible to assist you with your questions or dilemma(s). 

When hiring a Commercial Property Solicitor, you are essentially hiring someone to take care of all of the legal aspects included in purchase or sale of a commercial building or property.

This can cover a wide range of activities, including but not exclusive to structuring arrangements for investments or conveyancing to negotiating property transactions. Whatever your need assistance with, Athena Law’s Commercial Property specialists are here to take the weight off your shoulders. Expect expert guidance and personal recommendations that reflect your particular situation and budget. 

Providing a comprehensive range of commercial property support, our team combines local knowledge with wider market intelligence to help you meet your real estate ambitions. Whether your goal is to think big or just to be comfortable, Athena Law are here for you.

If you need assistance with understanding the value of commercial property to businesses, whether you’re buying, selling or leasing – property or land, we can help. We understand the stress and burdens that come with lawful properties proceedings, and by contacting us today we can show you it doesn’t need to be a bad experience. 

At Athena Law we support clients of all sizes, from entrepreneurs and startups to established private companies, SMEs, management teams, professional partnerships, debt providers and equity investors, we pride ourselves on a commercial approach that meets our clients’ unique business objectives. We do not discriminate against professional, length of time in business or financially struggling companies. Athena Law are happy to help any business in need, with bespoke solutions to fit your budget and circumstances. 

With a focus on costs, efficiency and clarity, we make the legal process as stress-free as possible, freeing you to get on with what you do best – running your business. Think of Athena Law as part of your team. We want you to succeed and thrive, because as our clients you are our number one priority. 

Our contentious and non-contentious commercial property services include:

  • Property investment management
  • Property and land acquisitions and disposals
  •  Property development contracts and agreements
  •  Commercial leases
  •  Landlord and tenant services

(including agreements and disputes)

  •   Funding and lending

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If you or your business needs help or advice with Commercial Property Law, Athena Law will support you with honest and professional solutions. Do things the correct way and be sure that the decisions that you are making are informed and the right ones for you and/or your business. Commercial Property Law can be overwhelming but whether it is new to you or you are experienced with it and just need a helping hand, Athena Law are here for you. Together we can make sure that you are following the law and that your situation is dealt with professionally and successfully, no matter what your end goal is, Athena Law will get you there.