Azure Resorts Have Finally Gone Into Liquidation

Since our 2018 article which was addressing the Azure Services Limited scandal and then the update that followed in 2019, we are glad to say that the Azure resorts have finally gone into liquidation. Following their misselling of timeshare contracts and their bullying tactics which were set upon buyers who weren’t aware of the consequences that came hand in hand with such corrupt legal documents, Azure timeshare owners were delivered with an email regarding the resort’s liquidation.

On the 7th May 2020, the company’s joint liquidators Mr Wesley Edwards of CVR Global (B.V.I.) Limited and Mr Barry Lynch of Alvarez & Marsal Cayman Islands Limited set out to contact all Azure timeshare owners with the relieving news. Azure Services Limited managed Azure Island Residence Club, The Heavenly Collection and Azure Ultra, three separate businesses that all had the same unlawful nature.

From Azure’s most recent scandal, it was said that the concerned amount that was being scammed out of timeshare owners who were none the wiser mounted to a whopping £47 million; with a staggering £32,500 per transaction. Since, they have continued their efforts in their unethical practices, until now.

Continue reading for a brief history of Azure Services Limited and for advice on how you, as a victim of the Azure scandal that is now susceptible to the scamming of fake timeshare lawyers, can avoid being further conned.

The Azure Timeshare Scandal

The Island Hotels Group Holdings, part-owner of both Azure and the Golden Sands Timeshare Resort, a highly esteemed Radisson Blu franchise found in Penang, was founded by Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs, two ex-footballers who invested over one million each into the organisation. 

Azure, the main culprit behind the marketing of timeshares, also brokered Barclay’s and Honeycomb finance loans without authorisation under British law. The organisation’s reputation, which was led by the celebrities gave it credibility; therefore, people were led to believe that they were investing, as opposed to losing out on thousands.

The F.C.A. (Financial Conduct Authority) then monitored Azure’s operations to ensure that they were working lawfully and ethically. However, it has come to the attention of the F.C.A. that Azure Resorts Limited and the banks have continued to undergo such misconduct after receiving further complaints against Barclays Partner Finance for allowing unauthorised broker loans that were being carried out by third-party companies in order to aid timeshare contracts. 

Because of this, the organisation has been put into liquidation. It is unknown whether or not timeshare owners of Azure Limited will be compensated in any way for their lost money, but claims are still being processed. Please read my supporting article on what the liquidation of Azure could mean for you. 

Fake Timeshare Cancellation Scams

Due to this nature of this crisis, fake timeshare lawyers will be on the prowl for those vulnerable individuals who were victims of Azure’s misconduct. Fraudulent timeshare lawyers may appear to be reputable, trustworthy and reliable, but the cold truth is that they are not authorised to deal with such claims.

These fraudsters often ask for significant sums of money upfront in exchange for their promise to relieve owners from their timeshare contracts. Unfortunately, instead, those who fall for such scammers are left with a hefty bill of thousands and no cancellation of their contract. Please read our previous article on how to distinguish fake timeshare lawyers so that you’re vigilant on their practices before seeking advice or support for your timeshare.

How Can Athena Solicitors LLP Help

To establish whether or not a lawyer or law firm is legitimate, they will have several certifications, as well as a proven track record of the cases that they have worked on. Here at Athena Law, my team and I specialise in timeshares; with the expertise that we have mounted over several years, we are more than conscious of how fake timeshare lawyers operate.

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The timeshare exit team at Athena Law will always have your best interests at heart. In most cases, we can offer you our services on a no-win, no-fee basis, provided that your case is viable. We also do this while avoiding the courts as much as possible; we have strong relationships with the judges that we work alongside, so usually, we are able to reduce the likelihood of attending a courtroom.

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