Stephen Boyd

The Dangers of Inheriting a Timeshare

Inheriting a Timeshare : The Dangers

When a parent or a family member passes, the timeshare that they owned when alive can be passed down to a beneficiary or next-of-kin. You might see this as an opportunity to carry on that person’s legacy and vacation in their ‘favourite place’ and experience a timeshare holiday yourself. But, stop and think first. You need …

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The Azure Resorts Timeshare Scandal

The Azure Timeshare Scandal

Unfortunately, more often than not, news surrounding timeshares are dominated with stories about unveiled timeshare scandals. Whether it is a misrepresentation, bully tactics in the industry or even fraud issues, our media is populated with stories that scare us away from ever owning a timeshare. However, for many, it is a reality with thousands annually …

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